The characteristics of a good dental start up

Dental flush - woman flossing teeth smilingWe’ve all done it – we’ve thought we were on to a good thing, and all of a sudden it came crashing down around us. Of course, how upset we become that it has not worked will usually depend on how much time, effort, skill, and money we have invested in the project. The further on the start up has progressed, the more infuriating it can be that it has not succeeded. So of course it is only natural that we only want to invest our many talents in start ups that are going to be successful. So how on earth can you be sure that you have discovered a good start up? Here are three characteristics that we think make up a good start up:

It is absolutely imperative that at least one person who is involved in the start up has the knowledge required to really work in the industry and niche that the start up has placed itself in. For example, a homeopathic dentist start up will require in depth knowledge of homeopathic remedies.

Do not be fooled into thinking that knowledge is the same as expertise. Many people can be knowledgable about a subject, but there will be few that have the expertise in the skill that is required to use that knowledge. To continue our example, a homeopathic dentistry start up will require someone will qualifications to prove they have the expertise required.

Start ups do not often become overnight successes, and that is why commitment to the start up is vital. Everyone involved needs to be able to commit themselves totally to the projects that make up the start up, and they must be willing to commit this time and effort even if it does not seem that they are getting anywhere.

Although start up companies can technically begin in any sector or industry in the world, it is rather unusual to consider the fields of medicine within a start up frame work. This is because many of us picture start ups as being created by teenagers, or young people still in college – people with great ideas but very little experience or knowledge. However, some of the most successful start ups are created by much more mature people; those who have seen the world, who have skills, and who have something valuable to pass on to people through their start up. We need to start redefining our expectations of what a start up looks like, otherwise we are going to miss out on some wonderful opportunities. Take dentistry, for example.

Dentistry is an industry that, without a shadow of a doubt, you need someone with expertise and qualifications. Without those, a dental practice is both ineffective and totally illegal! But more than this, dentistry can push the boundaries of what a start up really means, what a start up can really be. Holistic dentistry has been around for millennia, but it is only now that people are starting to realise its value. Dentists are taking risks and setting up their own holistic dentistry practices, and this can be seen to be just as much of a start up company as any other. Holistic dentists offer something vibrant, new, and exciting, and can pass on real and tangible benefits to their patients and their investors.

Start ups need a bit of a shaking up, and holistic dentists can certainly do that. The real question is how long it will take for other people to realise just how exciting holistic dentistry really can be – and how they can get involved in the action!


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