4 Principles to Look for in Your New Holistic Dentist

It is not always easy for you to choose a dentist that you can trust not just with your health, but also with the health of your kids and those that you love. You have to look into a lot of issues to help you make this choice and make the best decision so far. One of the biggest challenges for so many people at the moment when making this kind of a decision is the fact that holistic dentistry as a whole, has become pretty much a fad. Therefore there are dentists who will make claims that they do this, when in real sense they are not. The following are some simple principles that you need to consider when you are trying to find a good dentist that will be quite useful to you in the long run:

An extensive exam

From time to time you will realize that most of the normal dentists spend between 2 and 7 minutes to examine you before they can determine what the problem could be. This is far too short a time for anyone to claim to have been extensively interviewed by their dentist. It is barely enough time for your dentist to get to understand what really is troubling you.

When it comes to holistic dentistry, the procedure could take at least half an hour, which is enough time for the dentist to know as much as possible about your situation before they can administer any treatment. They need to understand so much about you, including things like your patterns of sleep.

Use safe materials for restoration

There are certain things that a truly holistic dentist will just not use in their practice at all. In fact when it comes to the dental amalgam, which has been used as filling material for so many years, a will not use this, because of the fact that it contains 50% mercury, which is toxic.

The dentist also knows the challenges that BPA has when introduced into the body, and the fact that it is found in the sealants that are normally used in mouth guards and other dental elements.

Minimal use of x-rays

Of course it is close to impossible eliminating the use of x-rays in the dental or medical practice altogether. In fact, dentists must use this to get a clear understanding of what they are dealing with. You must however not have these far too often. In the event that your dentist is recommending x-rays frequently every 6 months or so, it is time for you to find another one because this one is just not the right one for you, or your health.

Do not recommend root canals

There are so many traditional dentists who often insist on root canals. However, it is important to note that there are so many toxic elements that are part and parcel of this process. As a result of this, your health is far more at risk when you are having this procedure carried out. Holistic dentists only consider this if there is no feasible alternative.

Reference: http://sandiegodentist.org

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