How to Pick the Best Sliding Door for Your Home or Office Space

Office Sliding DoorThere are a few questions to consider that will help you clarify which door will be the best choice for your room or space.

Sliding Door’s 101

Adding beauty and creating an interesting setting for your space or room is achievable with a sliding door. Whether it’s for a relaxing or entertaining setting, easing the flow of traffic from indoors to outdoors is a sliding doors specialty. Before you start picking the colors and style out though let’s get in touch with where you’ll want your sliding door and what role it will play. Let’s explore three possible scenarios that your sliding door may be useful for.


  • Coverage: Sliding doors can be installed to provide easy access to every-day items such as a kitchen pantry, clothes closet, or a storage area.
  • Dividers: Sliding doors can be used to separate open spaces nicely. Whether you want to setup a homework, office, or recreation area, many unique and attractive options exist.
  • Privacy/Noise cancelation: Some sliding doors may not be able to perfectly shield you from all sounds or offer complete privacy, but they will at the very least give the illusion of doing so.

Start Exploring

Now that you’re clear on the purpose of your sliding door, and where it will go, let’s check out what’s trending in the style department. There are many inspiring designs and finishes available for virtually every style of sliding door you can imagine. Whether you want something chic or high end, there’s an almost unlimited array of choices to suit your preferences.

Miles of Styles

  • Classic Barn Doors. Typically made of unfinished wood with colors ranging from yellow, white, blue or bright red, these can be used in contrast to a contemporary setting to create something dramatic and unique.
  • Reclaimed Wood. Made up of salvaged wood this style of sliding door is phenomenal for adding new life to a dining room, or plays nicely as an office space divider. These rough, old, weathered doors are made from repurposed wood and may best work if you live in a coastal region.
  • Heavy in weight, this piece will add a trendy yet elegant feel to your room or space. Best suited for high end and industrious settings, you can add a chic vibe to your space that makes for an impressive statement.
  • Perfect for modern and urban spaces, these mirrored or glass sliding doors will allow for plenty of light to flow through them. Choosing glass sliding doors will make the room feel more separated. Going with mirrored sliding doors will refract light and create a sense of openness in the room.
  • On the more customizable side of the spectrum, these barn style sliding doors are typically framed in wood with virtually unlimited fabric choices. From contemporary to traditional your design preference is almost always available.

A Variety of Finishes

Now that you know what purpose your door will serve, and you’ve got the style to match, consider the best finish to compliment your specific décor. Aluminum is a cost effective alternative to wood. Light weight and sturdy it’s corrosion resistant making it a great pick for most climates. Vinyl, a very strong material is popular, energy efficient, and known for its durability to never fade, flake, peel or rot. Wood doors provide a unique appearance that many are partial to. Fir, Pine, Mahogany and Alder are among the variety of species available. Sliding doors are a great way to add value and convenience to your home. Get creative, have fun, and happy door hunting!

Source: KNR Sliding & Glass Doors Los Angeles