Dentists and Botox

cosmetic treatment with botox injectionDentists and Botox go together like, well, not much in most people’s minds.  After all, who would make a connection between a medical practice focused almost solely on the mouth, gums, and teeth, and a medical product intended to reduce aging and help people look and feel younger?  The fact is, many dentists across the country are seeking training on how to safely administer Botox to get the best results for their patients.  But why would dentists be interested in offering Botox?  And why would dental patients be interested in getting Botox?

A big problem for people who want to get rid of wrinkles is that their are a lot of people claiming to be qualified to administer the injections, but too many people have suffered from the results of botched treatments that can cause pain and giving them a distorted appearance.  Knowing this, it can be hard to know who to trust.  This is a problem common to medicine, and not limited to Botox.

Dentists are already highly trained and qualified medical professionals.  What’s more they already have extensive knowledge of the muscles and nerves in and around the face.  Finally, they are already proficient at giving injections and at keeping equipment clean and disinfected.

Anyone who goes in for regular cleanings and dental exams likely already has an established relationship with their dentist built on trust and mutual respect.  Finally, unlike people who are not trained medical practitioners, a dentist can be held responsible for negative outcomes, which are unusual when Botox is administered by a professional who is adequately trained.

When you consider all of these factors, dentistry and Botox go together like cookies and milk, no matter how dissimilar they may seem.

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